Forte Financial Island

Forte Financial Island

Location:Chengdu, China
Client:Forte Chengdu

Chengdu sits in the plains of Szechuan province, known as The Land of Abundance, the island sits in the river, linking with Tibetan spirit on the West and connecting to Yangtze River on the East, forming to be an unique financial island. The development consists of both financial and residential developments, and current site is of residential area. The residential landscape design plans to create a paradise in the land of abundance, using landscape to poetically to reflect the characteristic and culture of the area, integrating in modern and meaningful spaces.

From the space structure, the main entrance is in the axis of the landscape, and both sides, each forms a unique garden space. The centre axis landscape introduces the river into the development with the concept of entering the house, forming strong ceremonial space, combing with swimming pool and water courtyards, forming continuous water and sky landscape, resulting in romantic and stunning views. The West garden has the concept of mountains landscape, using levels to creating mountain and river relationship, creating multiple levels of landforms and experiences, such as strolling in the mountain or resting by the river. The East garden has the concept of a plateau, the long curve lines craft out the centre space, the walkway gradually lowers down, immersing in the enjoyment of greenery.

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