About Us


The cicada has long captured the imagination of ancient civilisations, regarded as an emblem of immortality and renewal due to its four-year subterranean larval stage, and inspiring art and poetry in its stunning adult form.

Since it was founded in Singapore in 1993, Cicada has evolved into one of Asia’s leading landscape architects, whose continual cycle of reflection and rebirth produce inspiring designs that are unique and relevant to their time. Founders Casey Gan and Lim Swe Ting bring a partnership of exceptional talents to each project, combining strong design concepts with an innate sense of form and lyricism. The result is an impressive collection of works that display a harmony of originality, sensitivity and skill.

Rather than deferring to a particular style or design language, Cicada’s designs are an intuitive response to the project site and local ecology, grounded in a commitment to sustainability. Through a precise understanding of space and proportion, and clarity of structure, Cicada seeks to make sense of space within its unique environmental and cultural contexts, articulating the inherent site experience and improving the quality of the relationship between people and their surroundings.


Cicada’s repertoire of local and international projects spans residential, institutional, commercial, resorts and master planning of diverse scale and complexity. In recognition of design excellence and technical accomplishments, Cicada has been the recipient of multiple awards.



BCA Construction Excellence Award 2015

The Metropolis

2015 – 14

REDesign China Award 2014 – 2015

Gold Award – Emerald Riverside


BCA Construction Excellence Award 2014

W Singapore Sentosa Cove


President's Design Award 2009

Design of The Year – The Met


President's Design Award 2007

Designer of The Year